Private Investigative/Security Consulting Services from a Former FBI Agent

Competent, Confidential, and Cost-Effective

Private Investigative Services from a Former FBI Agent

Competent, Confidential, and Cost-Effective

Crime Scene Reconstruction- Ballistics/Firearms

Orion Investigation in Overland Park, Kansas employs experienced and talented private investigators in the fields of public law enforcement, investigation, and risk management consulting. We also draw upon the investigators’ past experience in local and federal law enforcement and military special operations.

Mr. Stephenson is Graduate of Shooting Reconstruction Techniques thru Forensic Pieces Inc.  Major areas of study include Gunshot Residue Testing, Ballistics, Projectile Trajectories, Use of Lasers in Shooting Reconstruction and Interpretation of Bloodstain Patterns.

About Our Owner

A former FBI Agent who has been featured on the FOX Series American P.I. and a guest lecturer at the United States Airforce Judge Advocacy School on Crime Scene Reconstruction. Mr. Stephenson provides his clients with professional, value-oriented private investigative/risk management/crime scene reconstruction services.

Mr. Stephenson has testified as an expert witness on Crime Scene Reconstruction, Use In Force and has testified as an expert witness in local and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States. 


What We Do For the Private Sector

Orion Investigation offers a wide array of investigative and consulting services to major insurance carriers and the business sector. We offer clients a single resource point where all of their needs in investigative/risk management services can be addressed.


Background Checks

If there’s information you need about a person or business, we’re ready to assist you. Contact us for your questions or concerns.


Connect With Us

If you want to learn more about a specific entity or need someone to reconstruct a scene of a crime, we can help. We can also assist with firearm and ballistics analysis.